Entry #1

Returning artist here...

2016-12-27 12:06:22 by s4ndm4n2006

Well I'm back.  I was on for a short time awhile back and decided to see how things are here.  A lot has changed in my art since then and I feel more confident posting my art pretty much everywhere.  

As a sort of newb I figure I'd introduce myself with this first post.   

I draw predominantly pinup style or "ecchi" females in manga/anime inspired style.  I say inspired because it's not entirely anime or manga but has been strongly influenced by that portion of the art community.  Of course there are other influences too but more specific artists than genres themselves.  Some of my favorite artists include xa-xa-xa on deviantart, (character designer of the wakfu and dofus games and animation), Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa (Skydoll), among others, too many to list.   

I am on Deviantart and have been for many years.  You can find the many other works there, including some crap from awhile ago that doesn't really deserve your attention  :D .  I also post to my tumblr blog on both my main blog and my gallery idraw.moe regularly.  Lastly you can  come watch my stream if you're interested on Picarto where I am a regular streamer (almost daily).  

I look forward to seeing your comments and opinions of my works! 


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2016-12-27 16:41:49

Hey there s4ndm4n2006; welcome back! And welcome. Enjoying your artistry so far, suppose I should mosy over and post a few comments there...

Also had no idea there was a .moe domain extension. Interesting.

s4ndm4n2006 responds:

.moe has apparentlly been around for some time although I only came across it very recently when I was shocked to find the domain (Idraw.moe) wasn't even taken yet! according to the site has been around since 2014 even! http://nic.moe/en/2014/07/04/when-should-i-apply-for-moe/


2016-12-28 10:58:02

Hmm eyedraw, adraw, youdraw, theydraw, wedraw... quite a few alternations available. ;) I suppose not many people go with these types of extensions. As long as not too many do it feels like they're easy to remember, but if everybody deviates from the regular .com, net and org's I feel like it'll start getting difficult to keep track of which name goes with which extension. Maybe it won't, though, maybe it's as easy to remember as if it were part of the name...

Either way, looks like you snatched a pretty rememberable on yourself! Don't think I'll lose that mental note.